Cleaning Services

Cleaning makes environment comfortable; a clean working place ensures and significantly increases employees’ and customers’ satisfaction, thereby it improves operational efficiency. LPP is primarily aimed to provide this for you. There are two forms of cleaning agreements in the LPP – continuous and special order. Both of them are customer oriented, when you contact us, you can select your choice. The following are the different cleaning services we have for you:

1)  Home Cleaning: This service is targeted to anybody who wants to clean his or her apartment. LPP can handle your apartments professionally and ensure that your rooms, kitchens, saunas etc are well cleaned. The apartment will be cleaned as you want and the good news for this is that the price is affordable.

2)  Business Place Cleaning: If you have any business places like Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Sales offices, Mechanic shops, Offices etc, LPP is ready to provide you a cleaned and conducive working environment with affordable prices. So, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3) Factory Cleaning: With the diligent and responsible employees of LLP, this company has been satisfying many factories on their cleaning needs and it is also happy to satisfy your factory with the best cleaning services. As a manufacturing company, you need to get rid of all the wastes and ensure cleaned and healthy working place, therefore LPP is ready to support you with its services.

4) Public Places Cleaning: This service is directed to the government organizations like the Airports, Bus stations, Cinema houses, Army barracks, Tourist centers, Boat owners etc; LPP, as a social responsible firm, aims to contribute to the society by providing this service with affordable prices. Therefore, LLP is glad to see your organization as one of its clients.

5) Partial Cleaning: LPP understands that the need for individual persons or companies are different, so it is ready to provide you or your firm with partial cleaning which can be done e.g. once in a while. So, whenever you need this kind of service, please contact us and we are ready to satisfy your need.

6) General Cleaning: LPP provides this service purposely to ensure that every nooks and crannies of your apartment or business place is cleaned. The service aims to give you maximum cleaning. Thus, if you want to attain this apex cleaning, please contact us; we are ready to answer you at LPP.

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