Leenan Puhdistuspalvelu Oy

Leenan Puhdistupalvelu Oy (Limited) started as a sole proprietorship business in 1979. After two years of trials and successes, it was registered as a limited company in 1981. Since then, the company has been moving upwards. It has about 40 employees now and its current turnover is 1million euro. It is well known in Finland especially in the Northern part. Its headoffice is in Kajaani city. It has branches in Kainuu and North Karelia regions. It is one of the best cleaning service providers in the regions; it is also among the companies authorized to clean the Finnish airports and aircrafts.

Its customers include individuals, organizations and government parastatals. It is a distributor of local and international manufacturers. Leenan Puhdistuspalvelu Oy (LLP) can be described as “Professional with high quality”. Its services include cleaning, distribution of cleaning materials and equipments, repairing and maintenance of cleaning machines, care services, and training and consulting services.

Furthermore, this company, with its distinguished achievements, aims to satisfy your needs in the world of cleaning via its services. More so, the services are tailored according to the clients’ preferences; thus do not hesitate to contact us for your needs.

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Leenanpuhdistuspalvelu.fi looks new now!
Leenanpuhdistuspalvelu.fi looks new now!

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